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Getting Started with a Certified Personal Trainer

Getting Started with a Certified Personal Trainer

Let’s face it. Staying committed to a fitness regimen can be…well, challenging. Sometimes you just can’t do it on your own. That is why we at Omni Fitness Center feel that working with one of our Certified Personal Trainers can be beneficial to anyone, regardless of where they are on their ‘fitness journey’.

So why hire a Personal Trainer?

Personal Trainer


Making sure you do your exercises properly will maximize your results and prevent injury

Accountability and Motivation

A trainer will hold you accountable to being consistent with your workouts and give you the motivation to reach your personal goals

Extra ‘Push’

A trainer will push you harder than you will push yourself but keep you from rushing ahead too quickly

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Jude Massillon

Partner at Omni Fitness Center / Founder of Sports Performance Group

As a well known, highly respected Sports Performance Coach, Jude Massillon is one of only two Nike rated trainers in the New York Metropolitan area. To date, he has trained 168 All-Americans.He combines his extensive knowledge of athletic nutrition and performance training to help his clients achieve their full potential while maximizing sports performance and preventing injury. He has trained athletes such as World and Olympic champion Ezekiel Kemboi, World Athletics Final winner and Olympian Michael Blackwood,World Championship medalist Dewayne Barrett, NBA players Charlie Ward and Marcus Camby, NFL players Simeon Rice, Eric Berry, Julius Peppers and many more. In addition to earning an M.S. Degree in Exercise Science and NYS Paramedic Certification, Jude is also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength & Conditioning Association and a Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) with the National Academy of Sports Medicine Coach. He is a contributor to STACK Magazine and the author of The Athlete’s Body Within.


38 National Champions from 16 countries
43 first round draft choices in the NFL
166 All-American High School athletes in 7 different sports
Certified in Muscle Activation Techniques •MAT
Accredited by: ACSM • AFAA • NSCA • IFA •

Joe Gazio

Partner at Omni Fitness Center / Olympic Weight Lifting Specialist

With over 30 years in the fitness industry, Joe is one our most experienced ACE certified trainers. A Master of Sport in Olympic Weightlifting, highlighted by competing at a national level for 10 years.


Empire State Champion (5)
NYS Champion and record holder
Regional 1 Champion (northeast)
Metropolitan Champion and record holder (tri-state)
USA Team (Israel)
Level 1 USAW Coach
ACE Certified Personal Trainer

One on one training not for you?

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